A basic device that allows payments for products or services in person (machines are included with the service free of charge).
Access to Clover, Poynt, Hot Sauce, EPOS Now and many other Point Of Sale Systems.
Ability to create a custom mobile app to process payments via mobile device on your favorite e-commerce or mobile shopping cart program.
The ability to take payments over the phone, send invoices via email or text, or set-up recurring payments.
Access to Auth.Net and SaleQuick payment gateways which plug into websites and CRM's at a lower cost.

Traditional Processing

There are two types of traditional processing. One is Tiered Pricing, where the merchant pays a flat rate for the different types of cards that are accepted. Recommended Pricing is Cost Plus Pricing where the percentage is .50 % (1/2 of 1%) or lower plus interchange.  Example of Cost Plus Pricing  Intechange Rate .60%+.50%= 1.1%.  Interchange rates vary that is why Cost Plus Pricing is the best option.

Cash Discounts

This pricing model will give merchants the ability eliminate processing fees. With zero percent processing rate, zero transaction fees, free state of the art terminal, and no hidden fees. This enables merchants to be more competitive and increase their bottom line to.

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